Rose Swirl Cake

cake1editSo, a funny thing happened on Friday night … I got my passion for cake back! A couple of years ago I took a few Wilton cake decorating courses at Michael’s and was totally gung-ho. I loved baking cakes and also loved decorating them. But somehow, someway, that passion fizzled out. That is, until this weekend.

This past weekend, we celebrated a very special lady – my mother-in-law. She is the type of person who gives and gives and gives, but never expects anything in return. So, it was my pleasure to bake a cake for her surprise 50th birthday party when the one we had ordered fell through at the last minute. Since she’s such an amazing woman, I wanted to do something extra special for her, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something they didn’t teach me in my Wilton cake decorating course – a Rose Swirl Cake!  And for a first attempt, I’m really happy with how it turned out.  But more importantly, she LOVED it!

I followed this amazing tutorial from Simply Sweets By Honeybee



I baked 4 vanilla cakes (2 x 8 inch, 2 x 10 inch) to make this 2-tier cake and filled them with blueberry pie filling.  This is a very yummy and very moist combo that I would recommend highly!

I then whipped up 2 batches of the Wilton Classic Buttercream Icing recipe that they taught me how to make in the course I took.

First I crumb coated the cake, then used the Wilton 2D closed star tip to decorate the cake.

I wanted the cake to be extra special, so I filled the piping bag with 2 different colours of icing to get the double swirl effect.

The cake was a huge hit with our 40+ guests, with many people going back for seconds.  But most of all, it made a very special 50 year old feel extra special.

Happy Birthday, Sonya!  Thanks for unknowingly inspiring me to get back to baking 🙂

~ Jackie

PS – I wish I had some better pictures of the final product and my steps along the way, but unfortunately I was pressed for time and only took a couple of snaps with my iPhone.  If I get my hands on some more final product pics from the party, I will post them here.

8 thoughts on “Rose Swirl Cake

    • Thanks so much, that’s very sweet of you to say! I filled my piping back with 2 different colours of icing and it came out two toned. I’ve done this for cupcakes before as well and they looked great! It’s really simple. I should post a tutorial soon!

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